Mine Blocks: Probably the Most Honest 2D Minecraft Conversion

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks combines adventuring with survival as you live on a world, build everything you need from scratch, manage to avoid getting killed by hostiles, and eventually, becoming powerful and resourceful enough to start hunting down that world's legendary treasures. The whole Minecraft reference is unmistakable, right down to end game content involving Ender Dragons -but this is where Mine Blocks proves to be a strong game, the whole adventuring aspect -getting what you need survive the dangerous quest for even higher level materials, makes for some of the best browser based adventuring we have ever had.

What do you get when you combine the visual style of Terraria with the gameplay of Minecraft? The answer is Mine Blocks, a 2D mining adventure game that turns you into an intrepid survivor making his way up the food chain. This is a wonderful game that promises dozens of hours of fun and engaging gameplay as players explore and learn more about a vast 2D world and all the things that it offers. There is no straightforward questline, instead, the player's adventures begin and end whenever they want. Personal standards define the context of gameplay and anyone is free to proceed with the game in any style they prefer.

Learning on Your Own

Unlike most games that start off with a rudimentary set of tutorial-like activities for the player, Mine Blocks drops you into the game with nothing but the shirt on your back, literally. But this is where the strength of the game lies: self exploration. You need to figure things out. It's a grand adventure right from the start and you have all day to get your bearings straight. It does not take more than a few seconds to figure out that using the left mouse button lets you smash and grab some of the things in the game world. Then you get to try the crafting box that opens with the inventory. Those looking for a more concrete method for game advancement can refer to the in-game help files which provide very clear information regarding the controls and functionalities in the game.

We did say all day for figuring things out. Because when night comes, it would be so much better if you already started digging in and have already begun creating a small secure place to call your home. The good news is that most players instinctively (upon learning the mechanics of mining and building) will try to build a ""home"". And this is really, really important because night time is when all the baddies start coming out and chances are, you wouldn't even have a basic sword to defend yourself with. It is not an instant death at least. Avoiding the basic enemies that appear, which are zombies, is just a matter of managing to get a good spot (if need be, just dig 3 units around you -except the block you are stepping on, so that they cannot get near). But still, the severely lowered visibility during night time means that unless you already have a fire, or some torches, you will not get to do much.

Go Anywhere

You have free reign on where to go and what to do. So do not ever feel limited to just trying to simply dig down (but you could if you want to, many rare materials are obtained there). The maps generated by the game for players extend to the left, right, as well as the upper and lower directions. As you explore, you will encounter new types of rocks, plants, wildlife, and entirely new biomes. All of this is pretty impressive for a 2D web game and certainly achieves more than mere visual aids such as the Minecraft Skin Editors.

For those of you not familiar with Minecraft-style jargon, a biome is basically the environmental theme of an area. This is what dictates what may appear in a part of the map. Snow areas would have snow and ice themed stuff while a desert biome would have sun and hot things. There are a variety of biomes in the game to discover and it is possible that a biome may or may not appear on maps.

The Adventure Has Just Begun

When you have finally built your own house, you would have a great set of tools, a decent set of armor, and even have a reliable weapon. It takes a little bit of time and energy to get that far, but by that point, you would have a good grasp of how the game works. But this is just the beginning. More dangerous elements await you on the extremities of the map -digging down below, for example, would have you encountering all new monsters as well as giant pits of lava and acid. Of course, you also have to ask, why risk it in the first place?

It is up to you, the player, to provide context and narration behind it all -why you exist in this world, what you are after, what the end goal may be. And this is probably what makes games like Mine Blocks so fun for many gamers. There is no longer a constraint to the narrative, no set storyline to follow. This adventure is yours and yours alone.