Interlocked: Mind-bending, puzzle-solving action that will pull apart the fibres of your brain as you pull apart its constituent pieces


Problematic Fun

When looking for a game to challenge your mind instead of simply occupy it for a certain length of time (e.g.. your lunch break or time that should be spent working), then puzzle games are the ones to go for. They don’t simply cloud your mind with repetitive, skill-based tasks like jumping up to certain platforms or shooting people repeatedly in the head; they are an exercise for your mind, keeping it active and making it actually work its little brain-cell socks off to come up with a logical and innovative solution to the problem at hand. The problems of Interlocked aren’t like most other puzzle games. They don’t involve stacking things high like in Super Stacker or protecting citrus fruits as in Cover Orange 5. This game deals with the more frustrating problem not of constructing a structure in a certain manner, but deconstructing a shape, pulling it apart into its constituent components and thereby signifying victory for each level. It’s extremely simple but it isn’t easy, so expect a hefty challenge and even heftier servings of frustration in this game of patience and observation.

Shape Up

The format of Interlocked is on the surface much like any other puzzle game. It puts the problem in front of you in a simple and effective manner, with the three-dimensional shape that you are going to deconstruct sitting there in plain sight and a handy toolbar in the bottom left. There are only two tools required for the job: a glance tool and a pull tool. The former allows you to click and drag the shape so that you can rotate and turn it in a 360-degree manner in order to observe and inspect every possible angle of the shape so that you can be confident enough in your ability to pull the shape’s components apart with the pull tool, which displays various arrows that signify the various directions in which you can pull each particular shape. The aim is to pull apart the shape, with each component of the complete structure disappearing once it is no longer in contact with the rest of it.

Pulling You Apart and Pushing You Further

Don’t underestimate Interlocked simply because it is dedicated to shape-based challenges: it is extremely challenging and will truly make you think about your next move. The three-dimensional aspect of it means that you have to think further than simply one move ahead, with the emphasis being on deducing which parts are keeping the structure together and which ones must be moved in what direction and in a particular order to remove it from its position. This game is precisely the sort of puzzle that is perfect for the gamer that wants to be pushed further than your average puzzle game which tends to walk gamers through with a level of condescension - has a fair few of these to try out. Each new level brings poses a different three-dimensional problem and though the textures and graphics are fairly plain, they are as they need to be in a game that focuses more on your response to the problem at hand than your reaction to the colour or design of the interface and shapes within it. You may find it difficult to beat all of the levels, but the only thing more difficult than beating the game is leaving the damn thing alone until you have done so.